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We Serve Quality food



We are Licensed Professional Weekly Home Delivery Tiffin Service. What do we promise?

Guaranteed fresh; everything is cooked on the day of delivery. (Delivery is every Tuesday evening between 4:30 and 8:00 pm).

that is why we need your orders 48hr in advance by (Sunday evening 7:00pm) so we can buy fresh grocery and prep in time.

all items are individually packed in FDA approved BPA free containers so it stays fresh for the rest of the week.

Who is this for? busy parents, and career professionals who wants professionally made home cooked meals delivered at their doorstep.

Spice Rack Catering



Freshly cut Vegetables no frozen ingredients or canned food.
No artificial food colors or flavor enhancers.
No prepackaged or frozen ingredients.
No sodium rich, oil soaked, gee drenched food.

Made with natural spices & herbs with health benefits.
New changing menu every week with lots of options to choose from.
Time honored home style curries that you dont see in restaurants but are staples of Indian house hold.
The flavor aroma and “call” of the Indian spice rack.

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Every Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday evening, we’re offering groups of 10 or more that book an area in our bar a complimentary bottle of Champagne.
Call our reservations team on (000) 1234 555 for more information.

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